My name is Robert Kovacs. I am working as a photographer since 2003. Similar to many respected colleagues I have learned photography on my own and keep myself updated with the latest trends all the time. I feel lucky that I can practice my hobby - photography, videography and postproduction as work also. I was working as a photographer for Art Foto Digital from 2003 till 2007 when I separated and today I am existing as an independent photo- and videographer under my own name. I have integrated two of my great passions - still and motion capture - under one name/brand:

I wish to give an insight to the style and quality of work I do with the help of this website. I hope everyone can find something of her/his taste within my work.


I got the opportunity to work for Discovery Channel as a camera operator thru 2 seasons, what I’m very proud of. I was a member of the crew of Attraktor in 2014. and Xtractor in 2015. which were 2 own series of the channel.


  • Penthouse Magazine - nude photo contest: 1st prize - December 2004
  • Penthouse Magazine - Portfolio  presentation - March 2005
  • "Sudan" photo exhibition - Győr, Városház Square - June 2008
  • "Sudan" photo exhibition  - Budapest, Campona/Tropicarium - August 2008
  • The XXI. century Black Africa photo contest - extra prize - September 2008
  • Faces of Africa photo exhibition - Budapest Gödör Club - September 2008
  • RTL Klub Webstar - movie contest: 4th place /In Search of Sunset/ - December 2009 your social media marketing partner